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iCorps - Pocket Reference (OLD VERSION) app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2128 ratings )
Social Networking Reference
Developer: Dunn-Carabali LLC
Current version: 7.1.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 May 2009
App size: 422 Kb

#1 Military App in the App Store.

▪ Featured in The MarineCorpsTimes.

== Excellent app & resource to have for any rank. ~ Texas Recruiters ==

iCorps is pocket reference for everything a marine should know. The app is designed for all ranks.

iCorps allows all past, present, future Marines and any iPhone user to learn about the beloved corps or just to keep up to date with as the times progress

iCorps includes the latest up-to-date information.

◆ iCorps will always provide you with the latest updated information. ◆

iCorps lets you:

• View your pay for your next promotion.
• View MarAdmins/AlMars.
• View other service rank structures.
• Chat with other Marines.
• Show a potential employer what you were making in the military so they could match or top your military pay.
• See how much money your spouse or bf/gf earns in the military.
• Download and view Order and Directives.
• Learn about Past and Present Marines.
• Free updates.
• Free support.
• Tons of other features and tools.

Pros and cons of iCorps - Pocket Reference (OLD VERSION) app for iPhone and iPad

iCorps - Pocket Reference (OLD VERSION) app good for

Everything that you want in an app for active and retired alike !
This has everything you need and is very user friendly. Updates are constant and accurate.
This app is fantastic; however, the text is really small and congested. Text is also riddled with punctuation errors due to code.
The ribbon rack loads forever until you delete and redo enlist the app.
Ive downloaded and deleted this app over and over again trying to get the ribbon rack to download, but to no luck. Fix this.
I can no longer view the ribbons. Every time I Open them it says "downloading ribbons" and it never stops.

Some bad moments

Its a pretty great app, but since this new update I am no longer able to view the ribbons, it just says downloading ribbons and it will not stop.
I loved this app when I first used it but now it crashes nonstop even more so when I go on my ribbons it says downloading images and then stays on that until many hours later then it does it again.
Dont set your hopes too high; it is nothing more than basic information that can easily be Googled, compiled in one central location. The app looks lazy and has a "thrown together" feeling. I have found errors and contacted the developer multiple times only to have my suggestions ignored (simple things like where is says "Vagina" instead of "Virginia"). Developer clearly doesnt care about the quality of his work. Such a shame because this has potential to be an amazing app
This app was good when it worked, now its not even worth the space it takes up because it crashes with every internal feature.
Ribbon description and rack builder doesnt work at all on my iPad